How to look after your mental health under lock down

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As we stagger into week two of lock down, many of us are wondering how much longer this will last as we attempt to flatten the curve and make sense of the uncertain months ahead. As Londoners, we are responsible for practicing social distance because the capital is one the most affected areas in the UK. However, it is notable that some individuals may not have the resources to work from home or have trouble staying inside due to mental or physical illnesses. 

Anxiety and stress can occur in these situations and the NHS is working around the clock to support the demands of those who find these times even more challenging than others. 

To help, we’ve compiled a few basic and necessary services that can help you deal with the issues arising from Covid-19.  

Stress and anxiety in lock down 

The most common side effects of a worldwide health pandemic are the stress and anxiety that people face. This can come from various sources including worrying about a loved one or about catching coronavirus yourself. It can also come from the anxiety of not knowing when you will be able to work again and be paid. A few other concerns arising are financial instability, layoffs from work and, in general, how society will function after we come out of these unpredictable times. 

The NHS offers some ​advice online about how to deal with the anxiety​ of staying at home. The web page is dedicated to ensuring mental wellbeing while staying at home, as well as offering advice, support and information on employment benefits for those who require it. The entire initiative is there to help everyone with guidance to help make your stay at home more comfortable and safer.  

Food and other necessities 

The most important aspect of staying mentally and physically healthy is eating correctly. Nourishing your body and brain is of utmost importance because you want to stay healthy to fight any mild symptoms of coronavirus. ​Tesco​, ​Sainsbury’s​, ​Morrisons​, ​Asda​, ​Iceland​ and Waitrose​ all offer food delivery services, and slots are prioritised for the vulnerable and elderly. So if you are in Haringey and come under these two categories then this service is one to bookmark on your browser. Having food delivered will decrease your risk of catching coronavirus and keep your loved ones at home out of risk too.   

Caring for your elderly loved ones 

As it is widely stated, the eldery are the most susceptible to catching coronavirus and we should try to help them in any way we can. ​Age UK ​is a great source of information if you are taking care of – or live with an elderly person, or if you are above 70 yourself. There is information on how you can do your shopping and other essential requirements that will help you while under lockdown. If you are in the high risk age bracket and living alone, we urge you to get in touch with Age UK, who will be able to assist you in your day-to-day living needs, including medical deliveries.  

Written by Mona Azam  

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