How to successfully work from home

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How to successfully work from home

There are undoubtedly many ways to be successful and working from home is no different. With diverse spaces, sizes and layouts, we all face challenges to turn our homes into an office or studio environment.

I have been trying to master this for the last nine years and to this day I can still find it an uphill struggle. While we all have particular needs and work loads, we can still follow some very easy steps to keep things moving.

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“We end up having a hierarchy of ‘office’ areas in the house.” Photo:

Firstly, let us look at our humble abodes. How much space do we have? What is a comfortable area to work from and what are the needs of those we cohabit with? If you are (un)lucky enough to be living alone then you will find that negotiating territories is not a problem but with no one there to judge you but yourself, you might find your mind lagging and unmotivated.

In my case, I live alone. I have two designated desks. One is my emails and invoicing desk and the other is my music studio. This however, does not mean that I do not use other areas for work. For example, I am writing this article from my sofa literally two meters away from my email desk. Contrary to what some experts say, we end up having a hierarchy of ‘office’ areas in the house. Some people slog it from their bed, dining table, garden and even the toilet! Either way, if you start writing or focusing on your assignment then do not move until you get the job done or until your bum goes numb!

People say that keeping your surroundings tidy helps keep you focused. Well this is very true but sometimes you just do not have time to clean first so do not beat yourself up. Leave it till when you are free.

I found that having daily deadlines can be very helpful and goal lists! Try not to load each day with too much because ticking each item off your list is a huge feeling of achievement and you will need those fist pumps to keep you going throughout the week.

Feed yourself! Now that you are home you have a lot of time to cook. If you are going to make a complicated meal then think about making it in bulk. It is tasty (hopefully) and it is easy to reheat. Saving time on cooking is great at keeping up motivation. Make sure it is balanced and not too stodgy or you might end up wanting a nap straight after. I used to spend two hours in the kitchen without realising it just on lunch! I was wasting time and then got stressed. Small quick lunches and prep at night while you are relaxing is the ultimate way around this.

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Be kind to yourself if you want to work efficiently. Photo:


I used to work in an office and dream of making a little cove underneath the desk to take a nap. Well guess what? Now I have a bed for that! Regular rest can help you focus when you get back on it. In fact, the beauty of working from home is that you do not have set hours crammed into the day.

On that note, some people are more ‘day walkers’ and some ‘night owls’. While I am no scientist and do not proclaim any type is better, I think it is important to listen to your body. Personally, I do more written stuff in the day while at night I prefer to make music.

A really good way to get those endorphins going is to rise from your slumber and do some exercise. Weights, yoga or Pilates are on my list. After that, I have a light breakfast and get right to it! You can have a shower later or before bed. Easier when not sharing at close proximity I guess!

When you finish your list and still have steam left in you why not tidy, clean or cook? Do not do more work if you do not need to. Read a book, watch Netflix / Amazon Prime and hang out with whoever you live with. My cats come in handy. Get good rest and wake up fresh and ready to go again.

I hope this has helped in creating almost perfect daily habits. Each day will differ and you might even enjoy never knowing how your schedule will pan out. When you live with someone make sure you synchronise with each other but have fun with it and if you are alone talk to yourself. A lot!

Remember, do not be too hard on yourself or this could act as a detriment to your efforts and make you more uninspired because of it. It is time to make your home your ultimate office. Good luck with it!