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Reigning Miss England Rehema Muthamia visited Aesthetique Skin Clinic in Edmonton to meet the staff and enjoy a bespoke facial.

Excited clients were already waiting for her arrival, and were thrilled to have photos taken with the beauty queen in full regalia, wearing her prized crown and sash. She was presented with bouquets of flowers by Dr Anish Berry, owner of the clinic and a cosmetic dentist who also practices from Harley Street and Leicestershire, and...

Miss England Rehema Muthamia with Cafe Lemon owner Cem Kaplan

Reigning Miss England Rehema Muthamia visited Tottenham.

Miss England Rehema Muthamia, who is of Kenyan heritage, visited  cafe Lemon in Tottenham and met some local people during Black History Month.   “I take this month to analyse my identity as a black British African woman, and how I navigate through society. As well as educating myself on the immense strength and great sacrifices...