Magmay Books (Pink Patsy)

Magmay Books Pink Patsy

London, UK – Margaret KM Andrews, 83, and her daughter Wendy Gallagher have teamed up to create Magmay Books, a new publishing company focused on children’s picture books. The inspiration for their books comes from Margaret’s love of painting and nature, and Wendy’s passion for helping children with learning difficulties.

The main character, Pink Patsy, came to life during the pandemic lockdown. Margaret’s art group could no longer meet due to the restrictions, but her artistic drive compelled her to keep painting. Her illustrations of a pink hare gazing at the moon became popular on social media, and she soon reimagined the hare as the protagonist of a children’s book. Wendy provided valuable editing support and Magmay Books was born.

The Pink Patsy series is a labour of love for Margaret and Wendy. Margaret’s childhood nickname was Maggie May, and the name Magmay Books logo of reflects their shared love of nature and art. Wendy’s passion for editing and creativity helped her create a book series accessible and engaging for the early-learning reader.

The Pink Patsy series, aimed at children aged 3-6, has already released seven titles, The books carry gentle storylines with meaningful messages, including the importance of showing care towards others, and the environment. The stories also feature a cast of charming animal characters, including Tiger, the wise silver tabby cat, and Bird, the green-cheeked conure parrot and Mac, the black-booted mouse. Margaret’s beautiful illustrations bring the characters to life, and the font and layout of the text are designed to be reader-friendly for young children, with dialogue in different colours and fonts.
Magmay Books’ latest venture is for primary schools and nurseries! Encouraging the students’ literacy skills with a Pink Patsy or Bobby Blue, teddy hare that comes with a diary and rucksack.
With the diary, the children can write about their day with her/him and share their adventures with their classmates. The teddy hare, diary, and rucksack are included in the package and are available on the Magmay Books website. The diary includes two pages per child with large spaced-out lines and areas to draw or stick in photos, giving them the freedom to express themselves creatively. Plus, Pink Patsy or Bobby Blue’s sleepover program fosters a sense of community and sharing among the students. Pink Patsy goes home with one child at a time, and the next day, she goes home with another child until every child in the class has had a turn with her.

Future plans for Magmay Books include a cartoon animation based on Pink Patsy and The Rainbow, and the release of a new book, “Pink Patsy’s Great Adventure, where Pink Patsy gets to travel the World, with her passport in her paw, she’s ready to explore.

Magmay Books invites families to join Pink Patsy and her feathered companion on their adventures. The books are available for purchase online from Amazon and Magmay Books and Waterstones website.
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