Striking a pose on Muswell Hill, BonaFideStudio sounds out top musical creations 7 days a week.

Striking a pose on muswell hill, bonafidestudio sounds out top musical creations 7 days a week.

Established in 1999 by husband-and-wife team Deanna (chief music producer) and Brian (chief sound engineer) BonaFideStudio has grown to become a multi-faceted recording studio and rehearsal space integral to the London community.


They spent the last 24 years cultivating a comfortable and creative atmosphere for artists to make music and their expertise, equipment and clients reflect that.

Take advantage of their great acoustic spaces, world-class digital and analogue capabilities, vintage and modern instruments, and most importantly – their knowledge and experience. They support artists of all genres at any level: from rock bands to classical musicians, voice overs and audio books.

They draw a distinction between merely recording and making a recording. Making a recording is much more than setting some microphones up and hitting the big red button. If you need to, they can oversee the entire process: from song selection and improvement to instrumentation and performance coaching; and from recording to mixing and mastering. By doing it all under one roof, you can be sure that your creative choices are carried through from start to finish and you have an experienced hand that understands your music every step of the way.

They are part of Nature Reserve Parkland Walk, its stunning setting will give you more than just an inspiration. All their rehearsal rooms are kited out for band practice but also cater for solo artists, teaching, theatre groups, live streaming, filming, podcasts, photo shoots and much more!

Custom designed to nature creativity, BonaFideStudio will continue to offer exceptional value studio services to up-and-coming and established artists, along with an expanded community outreach to young people’s music projects and charities, including workshops and music clubs for children and teenagers.

Come see why so many have chosen to be part of the BonaFideStudio family!