Urban illustrator Hilary Masetti

Hilary sketches the broadway

Hilary Sketches … North London

Urban illustrator Hilary Masetti captures beautiful North London architecture in detailed drawings

Hilary Masetti spends her days in her Muswell Hill Studio, capturing the charm and beauty of much-loved local buildings in her drawings. Hilary set up her business ‘Hilary Sketches’ just 2 years ago and is now a well-established, local artist, enjoying doing what she loves on a day-to-day basis. She is inspired by the stunning architecture found in all pockets of London but especially in the local areas of Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Highgate.

Hilary sketches ap

Hilary uses ink and watercolour pencil or ink and brush pen to encapsulate the vibrancy and intricate architectural detail of all the buildings she draws. She uses colour to show the way light hits buildings, wonderfully highlighting their features and often adds a special human touch whether it’s a child posting a letter, or someone walking their dog. Her work includes drawings of Alexandra Palace, The Flask in Highgate, Toff’s Fish Restaurant in Muswell Hill and the Clock Tower in Crouch End. Her drawings are popular with local North London residents and with those who’ve moved away and want to take a memory of the area with them.

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Giclee prints and cards of Hilary’s work can be bought through her website and at local events including Muswell Hill Creatives Fairs, Handmade in Highgate, Crouch End Festival and Ally Pally Farmers Market. Hilary is also an active member of the Muswell Hill Creatives.

To find out more about Hilary Sketches or to browse through her online shop please visit Hilary’s website www.hilarysketches.co.uk or follow her on social media: