Council warns residents about coronavirus scams

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An elderly woman answering the phone

Members of the community throughout Haringey are being asked to look out for signs of their neighbours being targeted by doorstep criminals, according to Haringey council.

There are genuine groups of volunteers providing help for those in self-isolation or who need essential supplies such as food or medicine.

However, there are reports of criminals preying on residents – often older people or those living with long-term health conditions.

The criminals claim to represent charities and they appear legitimate before taking the victim’s money.

“Consumers should remain vigilant and always ask for ID from anyone claiming to be part of a charity,” the council recommends.

For advice on scams please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Hotline on 0808 223 11 33.

Visit the Friends Against Scams website for further information on how to protect yourself and others against scams.