Programme of activities in Haringey to mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week

Programme of activities in haringey to mark national hate crime awareness week

Haringey is marking National Hate Crime Awareness Week with a series of activities to educate and take action against hate in our communities.

Hate crime is defined by the Crown Prosecution Service as any crime where the offender has demonstrated or been motivated by hostility based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or transgender identity.

Hate crime has a devastating effect not just on the individuals targeted, but also on their families and communities.

Taking place from 8-15 October, National Hate Crime Awareness Week aims to raise awareness and promote the work that local authorities, key partners and communities are doing together to tackle local hate crime issues.

Across the UK, activities will be taking place bringing people together to stand in solidarity with those affected, educate professionals and communities, remember those we have lost to hate crime, and support those who need ongoing support.

In Haringey the week will be marked with a programme of activities including:

  • Hate crime awareness training sessions for council officers, teachers and community leaders;
  • community breakfast bringing together faith and community groups, giving them the opportunity to discuss and raise concerns with the council, police and voluntary sector partners;
  • Development and promotion of new educational resources about hate crime for use in our schools;
  • Training for teachers and community leaders delivered by Solutions Not Sides to help increase understanding of antisemitism and islamophobia in relation to Israel-Palestine.

Cllr Adam Jogee, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Jobs and Community Cohesion, said:

“I am so proud that Haringey is one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in our country. Our diversity is our greatest strength and enriches all of our lives, so there is absolutely no place for those who seek to tear our communities apart with hatred and bigotry.

“Community cohesion forms a key part of my brief as a member of the cabinet, so I am delighted that the council is coming together with our stakeholders and partners to deliver a programme of activities for National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

“Together we are sending a strong message that hate crime will not be tolerated anywhere in Haringey, not now and not ever.”