Royal Mail persists with deliveries despite coronavirus

Home News Royal Mail persists with deliveries despite coronavirus
A Royal Mail van
A postal worker
A Haringey postal worker delivers letters. Photo: Cem Kaplan

Connecting us throughout this difficult time, the postal service has become an increasingly vital part of our community. Royal Mail released a statement today announcing that they will remain open with precautions in place to protect its workers and customers against the virus.

Royal Mail spokesperson, Shane O’Riordain announced: “From today we have introduced a range of new social distancing measures aimed at offering further protection for our colleagues. Standard ways of working are being revised to ensure that, wherever possible, colleagues stay two metres apart.” 

O’Riordain explained that in order to protect workers and customers, they are temporarily not handing over hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures. Postal workers will instead log the name of the person accepting the item, and can sign on their behalf. This will apply to all deliveries that require a signature. 

He added: “Additionally, for all customers (including those who are self-isolating) where we need to deliver any parcel that won’t fit through their letterbox, we will place their item at their door. Having knocked on the door, we will then step aside to a safe distance while they retrieve their item. This will ensure the item is delivered securely rather than being left outside.”